The Word "Sterility" may be found in dictionary. But not the word "Childless" in the world...

A Single Course results in Fertility.
If no pregnancy occurs, Money will be refunded.

Fess for a single course Rs.30,000 (Course means 4 months). Generally in case of failure, after waiting for 2 months more.. Scanning will be made to check and Rs.20,000 will be refunded.

"As" you need Children "I" need Success.

Not is common to both. As success is our goal... We will do our Best"

I made research on Medicinal Plants and was awarded Ph.D. I manufactuered Ferton group of drugs and visited metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc.. and treated many childless couple with these medicines with good results. Now i am extending my medical services to national and international level online. Besides this, I am publishing a monthly Medical Journal to create awarness on fertility.


Dr. R. sivaji
Cunsultant : Infertologist
Ph.D., M.Phil., M.S. (Psy).
C.G.O. (Gyn & Obs),
(C.C.R.G - Reproductive Genetics) Vaidyacharya = B.A.M.S.

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